Our Story

Delicious homemade goodness

Welcome to D'ange Bakery Inc., a family- owned and operated bakery. We’ve been around since 2012.

First thing that you'll notice when you step into the door will be an aroma therapy experience for your culinary senses.  From the wonder smell of our cup cakes, pies, breads, toasts, pastries, and cookies fresh out of oven.   We use fine ingredients and traditional methods to produce these creations.  No preservative is added.  Only fresh and natural ingredients purchased locally.  

While we continually strive for innovation, we're making sure that we continue placing quality as our top priority.  Our chief chef is not only passionate in his work, but has over thirty years of experience in making bakery.  

We invite you to stop in and sample our food.  They'll make you go mmmmm.  Indulge yourself.